Skin Clinic Philosophy

At Aztec Skin Clinic & Day Spa, we are dedicated to finding and delivering the best solutions for your skin goals. As part of our commitment to skincare excellence, we exclusively use science-based cosmeceutical and corneotherapeutic skincare ranges and methodologies.

What is our Skin Philosophy?
Every person’s skin is unique, which means each treatment plan will be tailored to suit your specific skin type and needs using our advanced skincare treatments and programs. There are three important steps in our Skin Program:

● Advanced Skin Analysis

● Skin Clinic Treatments

● Home Care Program

We use two specialized product ranges. Our Skin Therapists will determine the best range for your situation. Both of our product ranges are free of emulsifiers and preservatives, including parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, dyes and amines, all of which can have a negative impact on the overall health and performance of your skin.

Our cosmeceutical ranges were developed using scientifically proven skin-healing and skin-wellbeing ingredients that have been combined into industry-leading consumer-trialed formulations.

Corneotherapy takes the science of cosmeceuticals a step further – it is the skincare method of the future! Corneotherapy treatments not only focus on treating skin-damage symptoms, but also address core problems behind your skin concerns. Our Dermatological range is fully customized, using different blends of serums and actives that are perfectly matched to your individual skin preferences and needs.


Skin Clinic Therapy

Advanced Skin Analysis & Consultation

$50 (Redeemable on Product)

Using the latest skin fluorescence technology and advanced techniques, your therapist will analyse your foundational skin condition with unparalleled clarity and contrast. Based on the initial consultation, your therapist will devise a salon treatment plan and prescribe an appropriate home-care program for you to follow with regular monitoring of results.


Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT)

60 min | $199

A proven rejuvenation treatment where microscopic punctures to the epidermis stimulate the body’s natural healing by breaking up old collagen strands in scars and wrinkles. Natural collagen then rushes to the site to heal, close and protect; this results in smoother, tighter skin. We love CIT for improving skin texture, firming and minimising fine lines, and reducing appearance of acne scarring.


Facial, Peel & CIT courses

Aztec recommends a course of treatments in order to achieve optimum results. Your skincare therapist can assist you to select the best course of treatments to address your specific skincare concerns.

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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Injections


Our chosen cosmetic physician is Dr Frank Vella who has more than 15 years experience in Non-Surgical Cosmetic Injection treatments. Dr Vella specialises in Anti-Ageing Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers and Lip Enhancement procedures. In order to maximise the effectiveness of your treatment, your therapist will customise a treatment plan to complement your injections. Please enquire at reception for more information and pricing. Available by appointment only, one Tuesday per month.