Dermaviduals Eye Gel Plus – 30ml

This product needs your therapist to provide a treatment plan for its use to maximise results. If you are already a client with a plan, please login with your membership, or otherwise please call the salon or click here to book a phone or online consultation.

With hyaluronic acid and butcher´s broom for care around the eyes.Smoothing, moisturising and toning effect.


DMS® gel with hyaluronic acid, butcher’s broom and cucumber extract as well as panthenol.


The product has moisturising and smoothing effects due to its hyaluronic acid and panthenol content. Ruscin, ruscogenin and neoruscogenin contained in butcher’s broom extract are astringent and toning for the vascular system. It spreads easily and the DMS® contained stabilises the skin barrier around the eyes.


Apply the product sparingly on the areas around the eyes. Eye gel plus is also recommended as a smoothing and moisturising facial mask. It has an agreeable cooling effect.



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